Fire Alarm

Responder Features

  • Continuously monitors your existing equipment.
  • Enables blind and visually impaired employees to work in security and monitoring environments.
  • Economical to own and maintain.
  • Unobtrusive installation and integration with current facilities.
  • Highly scalable to meet current and future requirements.
  • Compatible with Compusult's Vindicator

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Equipment Monitoring Requirements

Responder can react to various types of events, including light and sound indicators, alphanumeric digital displays and analog or digital output from other systems. Responder systems can handle simple to complex equipment monitoring requirements and can be configured to meet a facility's specific needs. Multiple Responder systems can be deployed, if required, to handle demanding environments. However, you pay for only the Responder configuration you need to meet your current requirements. Additionally, you can easily expand your Responder installation at any time as new needs arise or to accommodate monitoring of additional third-party equipment that may be installed.

Equipment Monitoring
Proven Success - Medical Alarms

Proven Success

Responder is a proven assistive technology solution for facilities employing blind and visually impaired workers. Responder systems are currently installed in medical centers across the United States where they provide speech output of all alarm events so that visually impaired employees can independently acknowledge and respond to these situations as a routine, but critical part of their work.