Caption Display - Features

These systems are used in a variety of environments where it’s more convenient to have the closed captioning displayed outside of the normal on-screen viewing area.

Caption Display Environments

There are many such situations where remote closed captioning is helpful. These include:

  • Noisy or crowded environments.
  • Quiet environments.
  • Large spaces like museums, theatres and convention halls, information kiosks, churches, trade shows, airports, and exhibition hotels.
  • Multiple language representations.

Caption Display Museum

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Caption Display Features

  • Bright, high-visibility matrix LED display, with wide viewing angle, to easily read closed captions from a distance.
  • Clears TV captioning to separate display and enables unobstructed viewing of 100% of the TV screen.
  • Available with 0.8" to 4.0" character heights.
  • Displays uppercase and lowercase characters.
  • Works with standard closed caption signals (C1, C2, C3, and C4).
  • External, large format display of all ASCII characters from television, video tape, video disc, cable and off-air sources, including extended characters for Spanish, French and many other languages.
  • Ideal for theaters, museums, public meetings, information kiosks, churches, trade shows, airports, exhibitions, hotels and any noisy or crowded environment.
  • Easy plug-and-play installation with various mounting options.
  • Rugged, slim, lightweight enclosure with a quality finish.
  • Low power consumption and long life LEDs result in low operating costs.
  • Perform real-time captioning using our optional Caption Display Software or compatible third-party products.

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Problems and Solutions

Problem: On-screen captioning obscures part of the picture. Many people feel that the aesthetics of the on-screen image are seriously compromised by the captions.

Solution: Our Closed Caption Display Systems keeps the video image clear by moving the closed captions off the screen. It works by pulling off the hidden closed-caption encoded onto a video signal and sending it to our easy-to-read LED displays.

Problem: Legibility problems occur with regular captioning. When the monitors are placed at a distance from the viewers, the captioning can become very difficult to read. There can also be line-of-sight problems with people in the front blocking the view of those behind them. Because of these shortcomings, closed captioning is sometimes turned off altogether.

Solution: The CD-2000 comes with highly visible matrix LED displays providing excellent visibility from a distance. The captioning systems can also be placed away from the video to provide much better visibility to all viewers.

Problem: Displaying multiple captions in different languages simultaneously.

Solution: The video loop through feature is standard on all of our systems and provided the ability to display multiple languages on separate displays providing a wider audience for your presentation.

Caption Display - Systems

Compusult has five models of the Closed Caption Display Systems available. All are complete, ready-to-run remote systems. The varying feature is the size of the character height that determines the maximum viewing distance from the units.

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Five Closed Caption Display System Models

All units are an ideal solution for deaf and hard of hearing persons, as well as noisy or very quiet settings such as musems, trade shows, airports, churches, exhibitions or hotels. The systems can easily be wall or table mounted.

We also design and build custom systems. Call us with your requirements at our toll-free office number: 1-888-745-7914 (Canada and USA only), +1-709-745-7914 or e-mail

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Model Number Character Height Unit Length Unit Height Unit Depth Viewing Distance*
CD-HOME 0.8" 24" 5.5" 1.5" 25'
CD-2000N 1.3" 37" 7" 1" 50'
CD-2400N 2" 59" 11" 1.5" 100'
CD-3000 3" 90" 22" 5" 150'
CD-4000N 4" 120" 30" 5" 200'

*This is the maximum estimated indoor viewing distance under typical overhead lighting conditions. Viewing distance will vary depending on an individual's visual acuity, viewing angle and effects of light source and/or objects that may obscure or occlude one's view.

General Specifications


Display: Four lines by 32 characters. 0.8" to 4.0" character height. Individual 5x7 dot matrix, multiple coloured LED characters. Brightness controls are included on all models.

Video Input: Standard NTSC Video In. Input termination is 75 ohms. Built-in closed caption decoder supports all Line 21 channels.

Serial Input: Standard RS-232 (RS-422 option available) using DB9 straight-through cable at 9600 baud. Data input must conform with CEA 608b Standard for Line 21 Service (formally referenced as EIA 608B).

Enclosure: Ergonomic, slim, lightweight enclosure. Optional mounting kits and travel cases available.

Caption Display - Captioning Services

Captioning is an ideal solution not only for persons that are hard of hearing, but also for noisy or crowded environments, theaters, museums, public meetings and presentations. In addition to our high-quality turnkey Caption Display units, we also offer various capabilities and services to support any captioning and subtitling requirements.

Our Customers - CBC, Janeway, Shakespeare Festival

Our Customers

Compusult's captioning services customers include:

  • U.S. National Park Service.
  • Lenoir-Rhyne College, Hickory, North Carolina.
  • City of Long Beach, California.
  • City of Forth Worth, Texas.
  • County of Los Angeles, California.
  • Network Television Time.
  • Spitz Inc.
  • Orlando-UCF Shakespeare Festival, Orlando, Florida.
  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
  • Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation.
  • Joint Rescue Coordination Centre, Government of Canada.
  • Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
  • Cheetah International.

Captioning, Consulting and Training Services

Compusult provides educational and training videos with both closed captions and descriptive video. We also offer a variety of consulting services, such as analyzing your captioning requirements and assisting in technical challenges, guaranteeing our clients are equipped with the knowledge they require to use our captioning products and services.

Consulting and Training Services

Caption Display Units

Caption Display Units

All our Caption Display Systems work by extracting the closed caption (Line 21) encoding from the video signal and displaying it to a high density LED display. The systems will present all ASCII characters that can come from baseband video sources with embedded Line 21 closed captions, an EIA-608B serial data feed or from the Compusult Caption Display software. This leaves the video picture free of the captioning information for improved visibility and unobstructed viewing. These systems are used in a variety of environments where it’s more convenient to have the closed captioning displayed outside of the normal on-screen viewing area.

Captioning Software

Compusult's Caption Display software allows you to transcribe the spoken word during meetings, live performances or presentations using voice recognition software, keyboard entry, and/or prepared text files. It also integrates directly with our Caption Display units to provide high visibility text for attendees that are hard of hearing, or translated versions of spoken words for audiences with different primary languages.

Captioning Software

Caption Display - Purchasing

The Caption Displays Systems can be purchased directly from Compusult by contacting our office toll-free at 1 888 745 7914 (Canada and USA only), +1 709 745 7914 or e-mail

How to Order

  • Credit Cards: We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Purchase Orders: Purchase orders (net 30 days) are accepted only from government and accredited educational institutions and major corportions, provided that they are submitted on purchase order forms with a purchase order number.
  • Cheques: All cheques should be made payable to "Compusult Limited".
Please note:

The CD-3000 & CD-4000 models are modular (4 pieces) and require on-site assembly. Wall mounting accessories are billed separately. In addition, on-site installation and training is also available for purchase separately. Please contact us with your requirements and request a quote today for these additional services.